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Our Services

  • Organizational Behavior Training

    We rely on  Human Synergistics' development tools. They promote the development of a common symbolic language describing behaviors in organizations. This language is based on the ...

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  • Organizational Management Consulting

    "The world we have created is the result of our level of reflection, but the problems it generates can not be solved at this level." [Albert Einstein] Tasks Management - People Man...

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  • Leadership Coaching

    Whether intentional or unintentional, directly or indirectly, a leader influences his environment and inspires the behaviors of the people around him. For example, if he is often s...

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Our approach

  • Optimism

    EXPERIENCE consultants are resolutely optimistic. To stimulate the development of client organizations, they train their human systems to identify, appreciate and reinfo...

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  • Autonomy

    The ultimate goal of any EXPERIENCE approach is the development of a human system which is permanently efficient and harmoniously integrated into its environment (market,...

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  • Experience

    Practical experimentation is the most frequently used method to accompany the client system in the process of direct awareness of its current situation. Simplified sit...

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  • Authenticity

    Because they are in tune with the profound personalities of its consultants, EXPERIENCE interventions - characterized by clear, sincere and authentic language - encourage...

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"Dino has this quality of human being able to enter into communion with the brains that surround him." His relational and empathic skills allow him to defuse all situations of tension and to give the group a different light on the situation. He knows how to raise awareness of our strengths to erase our weaknesses. The EXPERIENCE seminar allows a rebirth of its inner self and gives a positive impulse to the group. Thierry Director R & D testing. Automobile industry
"Dino's seminar once again allowed me to better discover myself , to learn to decipher my d威而鋼 eepest feelings and thus to generate as much as possible an appropriate and effective action in each situation. It's not just a theoretical course! We go far beyond ....  And unlike the past, today I am aware that I still have a way to go. " Maurice Production Manager. (Swiss)
"Obviously, the teaching of Dino Ragazzo has touched our consciences. Each manager has been able to discover the impact he can have in his relationship with others, be it colleagues, team, hierarchy, client or family circle, and above all, how to make it evolve positively to enrich human relations and business ." Corinne Associate Director. Pharmaceutical industry
"During this seminar with my entire team, Dino made us realize that we do not work the same way and do not understand the same things. Everyone was stressed and full of a priori about the others. Since this seminar, the current finally passes between us all and we surprise ourselves to reformulate big features, which makes us immediately smile and which removes the tensions in making us more constructive. It was not won! Since then we have been doing a "therapeutic" meeting every month ... and it is only a blessing to build our future together! Thanks Dino. " Carole Sales Manager. (Europe)
"With the EXPERIENCE seminars we became aware of how our professional environment and our corporate culture conformed to our management style. Since then, we have been working with our teams to develop more constructive and cooperative attitudes. It is now not uncommon in our managerial meetings to talk about "Dinorisation sessions" to illustrate our sharing of experience in the face of a management case. ''   Thierry Assistant Director Clinical Operations. Pharmaceutical industry
"Dino's seminars open a window on better self-knowledge and relationships with others, and this is all the more important when you add an international dimension to your work every day. Dino ensure rapid progress while having fun. And this can be applied in the workplace can also be applied in life. Thank you for this exchange Dino." Nicolas International Project Manager. Air transport (Switzerland)
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