Eva Röttgers-Ferchland

Educational Background and Training: University Study of educa­tional science, psychology and sociology, diploma degree in education sicence (MA in Pedagogics), Training in Gestalt therapy, NLP, Group dynamics,  Organizational Develop­ment and Systemic Consulting  (Ed Schein, E. Nevis, C. Lukens­meyer, R.Timel, F.Simon etc.)

Working Focus: genera­list in personnel develop­ment for over 20 years as coach, leadership trainer and consultant.  Her principle current interest lies in the application of the Gestalt Approach to the field of organizational development, which is directed at helping people to work effec­tive­ly in organizations. Her consultancy pro­jects focus on im­prov­ing communi­ca­tion between people at different levels of the functional hierarchy, from different departments and with differing nationalities. Coaching of Top Management individuals and teams

Clients: Alcatel AG, ABB, AT&T, Ing-Diba, PriceWaterhouseCoopers , VIAG Interkom, Thomas Cook AG, et.al.